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          Aeternal TV, PHYTOS TV, and Ultra High-Definition Television or UHDTV is a Video Broadcast Service Affiliate of Digital Broadcast Corp. Puerto Rico Inc. (also known as DBC “DBC”, the Company) is certified by the FCC Federal Communications Commission and registered with the SEC- Securities and Exchange Commission: as an “ETC “Exempt Telecommunications Company. The Company can complete solutions that can IP Multicast to any television, cell phone, internet connection, game port and computer from a single signal. This signal is called multi-casting services via fiber optic utility lines and wireless internet.

          The business model is to roll out over 10,000 4K UltraHD & 8K HDR resolution; Digital television channels, local and regional TV stations like ABC, CBS, PBS, CNN, new market entrants’ international channels like the Global, BBC and NHK, pay per view movies and sport channels. NextG will reach an international population within California of over 38.8 million and 10 million homes passed. Special TV channels will be dedicated to Emergency 1st Responders Search and Rescue Disaster Recovery’ communications training.

          We offer a unique Ultra HDTV Streaming Media Hosting Platform and Content Delivery Network which allows us to stream 4K Ultra HDTV Video to any smart phone or computer device even over slow internet connections.  Our hosting offers clustering, load-balancing, cloud servers, VPS, and dedicated servers. We also provide and design Wireless Ultra-Broadband Wi-Fi and WiMAX Gateways in partnership with commercial venues.  We offer several end user applications like HD video conferencing, social media portals, POS website design, content delivery networks and syndication, and we offer virtual currency managed blockchain services for projects and companies who need their very own cryptocurrency blockchain. The Aeternal TV website and cloud media CDN was designed for individuals who have common interests in sharing quality technologies, and information with a shared mission and vision on how we can all collectively assist humanity on improving the quality of life by realizing our own inner strength and importance of community networking, collaboration, self-sufficiency, and holistic sustainable development.

          Our online Interactive Media Cloud will have various features for collaborating in documents, to video conferencing, real-time chat rooms, sharing files, as well as live broadcast and video on demand recordings of meetings and training events. Our HD Ultra-band interactive learning cloud environment will enable Global collaboration between Universities, Scientists, or Engineers and Inventors who seek to pioneer and co-create and collaborate on projects with each other while having access to our real-time database of projects and developments. Energy Wave Cloud will be a premiere education co-creation, collaboration space on the internet for the scientist and engineering minds to collaborate and create new projects and inventions. Our Interactive Cloud and social media Portal will help to move technologies from concepts to patent filing, to prototyping, and then finally bringing the new products to market.

          Our Interactive Media Cloud will also be publishing and distributing media which will basically allow our user developers to capture videos and restream post it to our or their YouTube Channel, create a YouTube channel and playlist and then we provide a Hosted smart phone enabled YouTube Channel and Playlist Video Wall that can then be embedded onto their web page or pages of choice.  This YouTube Channel Video Wall Playlist Wall will enable automatic syndication from YouTube so the user only needs to upload their video to YouTube, and all their videos will automatically syndicate and populate into your custom YouTube Video Wall Player.  This YouTube Video Wall Player will help to drive traffic to your project while minimizing the amount of time republishing videos across many websites. Once this YouTube Video Wall is setup and embedded it only needs to be embedded into a web page once that’s it!  Below is a screenshot preview of our new YouTube Channel and Playlist Video Wall hosted service.


          The AETERNAL TV UHDTV Network is the first Global decentralized interactive, social, multi-media, content management, and distribution network in the World that empowers people with the technologies, tools, and resources, to enhance lives and communities around the World. Our members can interact, publish, communicate peer to peer, broadcast live, collaborate, and distribute their own content in real time on a global scale. Each user will have access to our micro-payment architecture which can be used to accept or send donations or payments Worldwide.  Our system will provide users with the ability to crowdfund projects of their choice anywhere in the World by using our unique real-time social media interactions, live peer-to-peer communications, live streaming, and media publishing system which can provide revenue streams for all members to opt-in to resell any other users’ products through our affiliate and reseller e-commerce system which will allow users to receive regular currencies or various stable well-known crypto-currencies.

          Our Vision & Mission

          Is to provide an internet-based technology resource environment education and interactive collaboration over the internet with the purpose of empowering people who are working towards creating a better thriving World for all. This network will provide high-quality information on advanced technologies, sciences, arts, health, and eco-friendly technologies. We hope to empower people and their communities with the latest and greatest technologies, knowledge, and resources to help further and create pro-active development and technology infrastructure which can be accessed and utilized to better enhance lives in communities around the World. We encourage Countries, Governments, States, County’s, and Communities around the World to support this movement to empower the people with the choice and the full empowerment to guide and build their own future in a more holistic and self-reliant manner than currently being done. Our education and collaboration network are for individuals who have common interests in sharing quality information on how to assist humanity in improving the quality of life by realizing our own inner strength and the importance of community networking, self-sufficiency, and developing building and deploying thriving holistic ecosystems by taking personal responsibility of our own future and destiny.

          Our Key Advantages

          UHDTV 360 VR Immersive Venues
          UHDTV Web Platforms and Applications
          Digital Interactive Collaborative Teleconferencing Ecosystem
          Global Bitcoin-enabled Webstore and Cryptocurrency Wallets and Exchange Tools
          Crowd-Funding Platform
          Latest Decentralized Software Resources
          HD Audio Visual Media Galleries
          HD Internet TV Stations
          Ultra Uni-Fi Podcasts
          Credit Card Payment and Bitcoin Payment Tools
          Bitcoin Wallet Tools
          Affiliate Commission System
          Power Management and Savings Technologies
          Renewable Power Technologies
          Advanced Health Technologies
          Bio Technologies
          Nano Technologies
          Water Technologies
          Food Farming Technologies
          Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems
          Thriving Holistic Ecosystems – Our Project Development Framework

          Our Income Models

          Our revenue will be generated from monthly fees from multi-media subscribers. The income includes paid services from Digital TV television, cell phone DTV services, internet TV broadcasting (OVS/OVD deregulated cable company) subscribers, and California Statewide Cable Franchise (exemptions pending approval California Public Utilities Commission). Home computers & laptops paid subscriptions via open Internet access F.C.C rulings 2015. These advanced DTV TV Services will also be available to automobiles, bus, and train transport companies. The income includes subscriber services to utility companies, new market entrants, providing entertainment services to their subscriber base. The income includes affiliate partner operator’s fees, who will operate and distribute the signals in an exclusive operating agreement in select markets and international regions that desire American programming.

          Our Revenue-Generating Services Include:

          • Data Center Co-Location
          • Distributed Infrastructure
          • High-Speed Internet Wi-Fi Access Hubs
          • Distance Learning
          • Telehealth Medicine
          • Currency Exchange
          • VoIP Telephone
          • Interconnections with Large Key Data Centers
          • Archive and Preservation of Languages
          • Data Mining
          • Backup Data Servers
          • Redundant Communications Links
          • Digital and Analog Broadcast Services
          • Banking and Financial SAAS
          • Wi-Fi Portals
          • Cryptocurrency Mining
          • Crypto, Fiat, and Commodity Exchanges
          • Mineral Metals and Ore Data Services
          • Virtual and Augmented Reality
          • Micro Grid Teleport Data Communications Centers
          • Graphene Solar Arrays with Graphene Energy Storage
          • POS Point of Sale Solutions
          • X-SMART Grid Power Teleport Stations
          • X-SMART Farm Cultivation, Farms, and Processing Packaging Facilities
          • X-Nano Fiber & Corona Virus Aid Organic Disinfectant Manufacturing Distribution Centers
          • Studios, Event Venue Design, and Installations
          • Audio Visual Event Production and Equipment Rental Solutions
          • Advertising & Marketing
          • Cloud and Hosting Services
          • Wireless Internet Service and Wi-Fi Hotspots
          • UHDTV Live Streaming and Interactive Video Teleconferencing
          • White labeling of Super Food Drinks and Related Products
          • Online Website Video Platforms and Web store Solutions
          • Cloud Banking Solutions
          • POS and Payment Processing Solutions
          • Franchising, distributing and licensing

          Digital Interactive Collaborative Educational Ecosystems

          AETERNAL and UHDTV offers an exclusive and unique way to transmit High-Definition audio, video, images, and 3D animation content over the internet. Our CDN consists of a cluster architecture that works over existing internet communication protocols Worldwide. Uni-Fi Access is also building Global ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ social media, collaboration, e-commerce CMS website, and knowledge base which will provide access to a wealth of holistic ecosystems, high-tech resources, products, solutions, and practices that can be utilized to enhance communities Worldwide.

          AETERNAL and UHDTV offers a series of specific proprietary hardware, and software system integration that brings Global E-Commerce, Film Production, Animation, HD Television, and Radio to the Internet unlike any other system or network in the World. AETERNAL provides clients with CDN, CMS, HD live streaming and Video-On-Demand, Bulk Trans-coding, and rendering at incredible speeds, low bandwidth usage, and redundant reliability. AETERNAL can also enable you to manage and streamline your HD Media production content across the World over the internet.

          Crowd-Funding Platform

          We are also developing a crowd-funding platform using cryptocurrency checkout and NFT Marketplace in the first Global digital currency that is currently accepted in 195 Countries. For the first time, people can be funded via Bitcoin and cash out the Bitcoins into their local currency through multiple Global currency exchanges. AETERNAL TV and UHDTV and AETERNAL CLOUD provide a seamless easy-to-use User Interface and design that can enable the funding of anyone’s dream to manifest anywhere in the World faster than ever before.  We provide technology and resources that can assist anyone in being a part of our ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ framework and infrastructure.

          Our Holistic Ecosystems

          Our Holistic Ecosystems framework is based upon implosion harmonics and mathematics which is the principal in truly understanding ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ and modeling after the Natural Universe.

          Purified Resonant Water – Multi-stage water purification accompanied by a Clean Water Act that removes harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.

          Health and Environmental Hazard Risk Reduction – Identify health and environmental hazards and develop technologies that support and enable risk reduction.

          Clean Renewable Energy – Sustainable power from solar, wind, biomass, and hydro.

          Healthy Affordable Housing – Low-cost energy efficient durable shelters for temporary, semi-permanent, and long-term housing.

          Organic Locally Grown Food – Develop and cultivate our organic local agriculture and farming techniques.

          Communication & Technology – Develop training in High tech education to accelerate our high-tech understanding so we can adapt to the technology age.

          Waste Recovery & Sanitation – Address smarter more efficient ways to improve how communities deal with the trash problem.

          Interactive Education & Visionary Arts – Teach holistic ecosystems based on principles like, reduce, reuse, recycle, holistic health, holistic agriculture, arts, healing arts, clean high technologies, energetics, culture, and science.

          Science & Ascension School – Develop and build and place where science and spirituality converge to unravel the greatest knowledge and mysteries and develop platforms that can teach the general public advanced knowledge quickly.


          Our Key Target Goals after implementing ‘Holistic Ecosystems’ are:

          Identify the highest quality of local sustainable food, infrastructure systems and resources then begin reducing our dependency on standard imported products and wasteful consumables that have any negative impact or effect on our environment or our bodies. Maximize the efficiency of local economies by creating a vision, database, and web infrastructure management plan that empowers and organizes local sustainable action efforts worldwide.

          We invite you to Join our AMARAKA & AETERNAL / AETERNAL TV Network as We Launch in 2023!

          Interested parties contact us here– Our platform is in the development stage, and we are eager to jump-start our system to help empower you we hope this AMARAKA movement can catch on with everyone around the World!

          Please feel free to contact us with any questions or information. Again thank you for your consideration and welcome to AETERNAL TV!

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