Aeternal City™ Sci-Fi Fantasy

Aeternal City™ Sci-Fi Fantasy

This is a Sci-Fi Fantasy Depiction and scene looking towards the Aeternal City™ and Aeternal Pyramids™ on a planet inside of The Belt Orion. In Mid and Later 2023 we will be coming out with some portable building structures, solar and battery power systems, advanced air to water systems, alkaline water systems, heigh performance computers, portable hard drives...

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BENEFITS OF USING LIGHT THERAPY: INFRARED, RED-LIGHT, BLUE LIGHT SYSTEMS Infrared therapy is a type of treatment that uses low-frequency electromagnetic radiation produces heat.  Some people use infrared therapy to try to reduce muscle pain, improve circulation, and accelerate wound healing. There is some scientific evidence to suggest that infrared therapy may be beneficial in these areas, although...

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28 Natural Ways to Boost NAD Levels in the Body!

In this article, We Reveal 28 Natural Ways to Boost NAD Levels in the Body! What is NAD? In simple terms, Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a very important coenzyme in your body. NAD+ and NADH are the two forms in which nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide exists. NAD+ is a coenzyme that chemistry experts believe might be important for the...

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Aeternal Movement & Global Humanitarian Project

AETERNAL Movement & Global Humanitarian Project Welcome to PHYTOS™, a division of AETERNAL™, AETERNAL TV™, Global Humanitarian Project. Here at AETERNAL™ we like to remind ourselves of the beauty and harmony that nature creates and that we must all collectively learn to follow the natural laws of the Earth and the Universe from which all life emerges. AETERNAL...

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Amaraka Aeternal Life

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