UHDTV Cloud Hosting

We offer an entire array of Cloud Software Apps and websites to help you run a successful business and events. Our 4K UHDTV Videos can be streamed live or played back VOD Video On Demand on slow internet speeds even over Satellite signals as low as 1 Mbps internet connection speeds! We also provide various types of Video Websites and Multicasting across many other platforms at once so you can build a following around your TV Channel and brand faster than ever before.

WiMax & WiFi

WiMax & WiFi Systems and standards are growing rapidly and Energy Wave has offers the fastest, most reliable and cost effective WiMax and WiFi systems available on the market. We can custom design your personal or business high speed local area and wide area gateway networks ranging from 300 to 900 feet to 5 to 20 mile areas. Our system performs at over 1 Gigbit Speed ideal for transmitting HD video and sending large data files quickly and securely over you private network.

Renewable Power

We provide Micro Hydrogen Power Stations under a 25 year Power Purchase Agreement.  The Hydrogen Power Stations install and locate close to where electricity is used (e.g., a home or business), providing an alternative to or an enhancement of the traditional electric power grid. Our systems offer over all power operational costs, higher service reliability, high power quality, increased energy efficiency, zero carbon emissions, and energy independence.

Energy Storage

Our energy storage solutions are leading edge battery and ultra capacitor energy storage technologies. We customize each energy storage system to meet your power requirements.  We can provide portable energy storage, residential, commercial and industrial size energy storage solutions. Each Energy Wave Storage Solution is built and delivered with a battery management system and all necessary cabling and adaptions based on your custom needs.

Advanced Water Systems

We provide water systems for various applications; desalination, water filtration, structures watered, and air-to-water generation systems.  We can design micro water systems, for residential or even commercial and industrial scale size systems.   We also provide advanced water treatment and purification using the latest state-of-the-art technologies which can help to ensure you always have the highest quality of structured filtered water which we can power with renewable energy.

Vertical Aero-Ponic Systems

Our exclusive Aero-Ponics growing technology can be used to grow any type of vegetable or plant, greens, lettuce, tomato, herbs, potatoes, hemp, and any form of cannabis. Our Aero-Ponics grow facilities are the most energy efficient systems available on the market today combining advanced proven water technologies, frequency technologies, multi stage filtration systems, energy efficient lighting, misting technology, automated management, food injection, renewable power, and control systems.

Solar Power Systems

We can custom design your Solar PV Array to custom fit your budget and needs for any residential, commercial, or industrial grid size projects. We offer a full line of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline solar photo voltaic cells for permanent and portable use.  Most of the solar panels we sell are manufactured by Sun-Power. We also offer customized portable solar generators. In the coming months we are coming out with a revolutionary Solar Battery Modular system that can power your home and you can take the system off your house and power your own events!

Superfood and Hemp Products

Contact us if you have any type of powdered superfoods for your store or restaurant we have FDA, GMP, ISO, Kosher compliant superfoods. If you need any formulations licensing, design, and custom manufacturing of nano water soluble super-foods, oil tinctures, capsules, skin care products, vape juices, infused drinks, alkaline water products, or vitamin-infused bottled water please contact us.

Virtual Reality 3D Game Services

We are gearing up to launch Ultra 8K and 16K VR Interactive theaters and music broadcast and film studios which will be available for licensing and booking for Global Livestream Multicasts across all major networks. We can help design and create your next 3D or Virtual Reality project or event. Please contact us for more information.

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